Questions mothers ask

This section contains some mother’s stories, and questions from mothers with a variety of responses covering many possible approaches.


Mothering and breastfeeding: getting out and about with baby, how to cope with a busy preschooler and a new baby who needs to feed all the time, how does that other mum have clean clothes and her hair done? Does it matter?


Nighttime challenges and sleep (or lack of it) can be overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes there are strategies which can help, other times it helps to gain understanding of what is normal for infants at different stages.


If you are pregnant for the first time, nursing through a pregnancy or refreshing your memory for an upcoming birth, this section includes mothers experiences of this special but tiring time.


Combining breastfeeding and working is becoming widespread and many mothers find it very worthwhile. Find out why and how to through the experiencces of those who have gone before.


Trouble times and overcoming challenges, because parenting doesn’t always go smoothly. This section includes stories of premature birth, struggles with low supply, tongue tie and much more.


Weaning can mean many things. For some it is the end of breastfeeding, for others it represents the start of a gradual transition to family foods.

Tear-sheet Toolkit

Sometimes you don’t want a whole book. Sometimes you want to be able to tear something from a book! Here’s your chance. Chapter 20 of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 8th Edition is available for free download. You can put these sheets on your fridge or by your computer, or hand them to your family or day care provider — whatever you need.