Thinking about becoming a La Leche League Leader?

LLL Leaders are part of a tradition that goes back to the beginning of humankind – one mother supporting another in the womanly art of breastfeeding. We know from personal experience what it’s like to get started with breastfeeding a newborn, and why breastfeeding is important to the older baby.

Leaders help mothers to breastfeed through sharing information and providing moral support for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Leaders are trained and accredited to standards set by La Leche League International.

The training which a LLL Leader receives through the accreditation process makes her uniquely qualified to support breastfeeding mothers. Selected initially for her experience, motivation and empathy, a LLL Leader is required to complete an extensive reading programme, to familiarise herself with most aspects of breastfeeding and to develop her listening and communication skills. Once accredited, a Leader is provided with a continuing supply of information and support, including regular journals, contact with other experienced Leaders, and enriching workshops and conferences.

If you are interested in finding out more about the process and prerequisites of training to be a LLL Leader please email the Leader Accreditation Department or contact a Leader near you. Also see the LLL International Website.