Introducing the LLLNZ Alumnae Association

As with many of you, some of our closest friends are women we first met at La Leche League meetings. We have nourished these relationships beyond baby and toddlerhood, through the teenage years, careers, possibly marriage and perhaps grandchildren.

LLLNZ has been part of the parenting support scene for fifty years so it was timely to establish an alumnae group and with the support of the LLLNZ Board, a small committee was formed to bring this into reality in 2008.

LLLNZ Alumnae Association is an independent organisation operating under the auspices of LLLNZ. The name ‘Alumnae Association’ keeps LLLNZ in line with similar organisations of former LLL members in other parts of the world. Former LLLNZ Director, Anne Heritage said: “Alumnae is in general use around the English-speaking LLL world and carries the connotation of a light that has gone before.” She pointed out: “LLL cannot be disassociated from learning: it may be informal learning that goes on through participation in La Leche League, but it is none the less valid for that.”

Database records supplied by LLLNZ are updated regularly. Many of those contacted have joined the LLLNZ Alumnae and keep in touch with other former LLLNZ members through reunions, other social occasions and Kaleidoscope, the Alumnae newsletter. In several areas of New Zealand groups of former LLL women have been meeting regularly for many years.



The purpose of LLLNZ Alumnae

  • To uphold and support the philosophy, values and spirit of La Leche League in the wider community.
  • To provide networking and educational opportunities for former League members and long-term active members.
  • To reconnect, reflect and refresh.
  • To maintain close and regular communication and liaison with LLLNZ.
  • To offer support to LLLNZ and undertake wherever possible, such projects as can be reasonably managed.
  • To recognise the accomplishment of former Leaders and members.

How are these goals being achieved?

  • By establishing a network of regional representatives to encourage and facilitate local activities.
  • By assisting regional groups in the organising of reunions, either in conjunction with LLLNZ conferences or independently.
  • By maintaining a national database of former members and long-serving members.
  • By the publication of the Alumnae magazine, Kaleidoscope, three times a year.
  • Outreach into our communities to support breastfeeding mothers and families.

Kaleidoscope, the journal for former members, is published by the LLLNZ Alumnae Association and is a source of information, networking and inspiration to members. The subscription is included in membership of the Alumnae Association.

Regional Representatives are Alumnae members willing to initiate and facilitate social and educational activities in their regions. The Regional Representatives are keen to hear from you, download contact list  (451kb).

LLLNZ Alumnae Committee 2018/19

Alison Stanton Coordinator; Membership
Lindy Burton Minutes Secretary
Robyn Watkins Treasurer
Lynette Zander Gmail and Database Administrator
Christine Scothern Committee
Janette Busch Committee

To find out more about the LLLNZ Alumnae Association or to contact any one of the LLLNZ Alumnae committee please send us an email otherwise telephone Alison at 09 533 0391.


We hope you will consider becoming an Alumnae Association Member. Should you wish to do so please complete this form Membership of the LLLNZ Alumnae Association  84kB.



Below you will find articles from previous issues of Kaleidoscope, the magazine published for Alumnae members. Each issue includes articles and stories written by Alumnae and LLLNZ members.

These may include biographical accounts of careers; parenting and grand-parenting; other life changing experiences; news from LLLNZ and information about regional meetings and conferences. Kaleidoscope also reprints medical articles and current breastfeeding research from LLLNZ publications and other reputable sources.

A recent recipient wrote: “I’m letting you know how much I enjoyed receiving my first copy of Kaleidoscope. I came home from a long day with my brain buzzing with family matters and needed to change channels as I retired to bed. So I commenced reading your magazine and did not put it down until I had read everything on every page.”

Selected Kaleidoscope Articles

Our Global Breastfeeding World – Issue 69, October 2015  460kB

Online La Leche League Meetings – Issue 68, July 2015  196kB

Unexpected Pleasures – Issue 66, October 2014  9.6MB

Breastfeeding, our common mother tongue – Issue 65, July 2014 170kB

Don’t Touch Me! – Issue 64, March 2014  269kB