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Questions or worries about breastfeeding? Our accredited La Leche League Leaders are experienced mothers who have been trained to provide information and support for breastfeeding. We can help over the phone, you can come along to our informal meetings, or ask a questions via email and on social media.  All of this is free and confidential.

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You can find details of our accredited breastfeeding helpers and group meetings across Aotearoa and in Australia here.

Our mission is to help mothers to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, education, information, and encouragement and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.


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Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month from 7:30pm

You can join us for breastfeeding support and information from the comfort of your own home – pyjamas and beverage of your choice optional.

No technical ability required, just join the meeting group and be online that evening.

We’d love to see you there.

La Leche League NZ is once again holding its much loved conference in 2020. We’re delighted to tell you our keynote speakers are Liora Noy and Meg Nagle. Liora is an IBCLC lactation consultant working in a maternal wellness setting with PADA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa and Meg is a well-known IBCLC lactation consultant and commentator as The Milk Meg. The conference will run from 2 to 4 October at St Peter's School, Cambridge, New Zealand near Cambridge, Waikato. This is, as usual linked to the middle weekend of the school holidays and an ideal time for a family get away. Registration cost is $395 for members and $495 for non-members. There will also be a health professional seminar on Friday 2 October, and an LLLNZ Alumnae get-together on Saturday 3 October – check the website for details as they come available. Accommodation at the school will be available and you can find details on our website. Sustainability will be a strong theme of the conference, and you are invited to submit an abstract for a session. Here are the details (this information is also on our website) :

Call for Abstracts: Break-out sessions

Break-out sessions will be in the concurrent session part of the programme with time frame of 60 minutes, plus question time (75 mins all up). Sessions may be interactive, a lecture or a discussion group. Some presentations may be needed twice.

Abstract Guidelines and Processes

Both abstract and speaker details must be provided for your session to be considered.

Call for abstracts OPENED – 12 November

Call for abstracts CLOSES – 15 January

For further information or to submit an abstract contact programme coordinator Katie Hansen: 021 0240 2529,

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Morena Aotearoa! Does anyone have some suggestions for this anonymously asked question? #BreastfeedingSupport #LLLNZ

“Hi, I’m wondering if you could please post a question to your page ?

I’ve recently had my third child ( now five weeks), at three weeks I ended up with inflammatory mastitis in my right breast from what we think was a deep blocked duct. I cleared it without needing antibiotics. My right breast has always been my ‘better’ producer and favourite with other children however since I’ve had mastitis, my noticeable supply in this side has dropped significantly. I still have plenty of milk but I’m rarely engorged now and my left side is now the preference and better producer. Baby now fusses lots of the right side and despite feeding from that side first to encourage more production I’m not having much luck with baby drinking from it. She seems to get much more windier and not like it at all. Latch still seems fine.

Could having mastitis have changed my milk production and taste in this breast even after the infections cleared? Will it improve? as I expected it would have by now . Any other suggestions?”

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"Listen to yourself"

Trust your own instincts, you are the expert on your baby!

What Mothers Need to Know Before They're Mothers from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Words of Wisdom from Real Mothers at a La Leche League Meeting.

#TheWomanlyArtOfBreastfeeding #WAB #LaLecheLeague #LLLNZ #BreastfeedingSupport #ParentingSupport

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"Sometimes the books are just wrong."

Did you plan to parent a certain way, then once your baby arrived discover they hadn't read the same books as you had?

What Mothers Need to Know Before They're Mothers from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Words of Wisdom from Real Mothers at a La Leche League Meeting.

#TheWomanlyArtOfBreastfeeding #WAB #LaLecheLeague #LLLNZ #BreastfeedingSupport #ParentingSupport

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