Submit Your Story

I would like to write for Aroha. What kind of stories are you looking for?

Are you a parent, a grandparent, a health professional? Do you have a message to share about breastfeeding that may be uplifting and inspiring to other parents? Have you had a great experience or overcome difficulties and challenges? Have you learned something that could be helpful or reassuring to another reader?

All of the above are suitable for Aroha and your accompanying photographs will add a personal touch. Often, photos can replace a thousand words and will help bring your story to life.

I’m not very good at writing but I think reading about my experience would help someone in a similar situation. What can I do?

You can contact the editorial team directly – – with an outline of what you would like to share, and we will help you turn your experiences into a story.

How long will my story or article need to be?

It varies, but generally anywhere between 500 and 2000 words. Stories that follow a timeline of events may be longer than a story centered around one specific event.

How do I submit my story or article?

You can email the editorial team:

Or post to:
Aroha Editor,
PO Box 50780
Porirua 5240

Please don’t forget to include all of your contact details, and a stamped, self addressed envelope if you would like your photos returned to you.

What happens after I have submitted my story or article?

The Aroha editor will contact you to acknowledge its arrival, and may have some suggestions or ask for additional information during the editing process. Your story or article will then be reviewed by our editorial team who may have further suggestions or questions before your story or article is approved for publication.

Your story may be edited for length and clarity. In the rare event that major changes are necessary, your approval will be sought first. All submissions to Aroha become the property of LLLNZ.

Will I be paid if my work is published?

Unfortunately not. We are a volunteer-based organisation and depend on our contributors sharing their stories and articles for the purpose of helping others, not for financial gain. However, we do send our contributors a copy of the Aroha issue they are published in.

I would like to advertise in Aroha. How do I go about doing this?

We welcome enquiries about advertising in Aroha, though our criteria must be met before acceptance of an advertisement. Please check out this page for more information

Aroha Offers:

  • Accurate breastfeeding information in a readable way,
  • support for you, by showing you that you are not alone – that others have shared the intense feelings (both positive and negative), the fears and the experiences of parenthood,
  • encouragement to meet your baby’s needs by showing how other parents respond sensitively to their children,
  • the opportunity for you to learn new mothering skills,
  • validation of the importance of your work as mothers, mamas, mums and parents, by sharing experiences in print,
  • a way for LLLNZ to communicate with members and provide information about upcoming events.