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Breastfeeding with Confidence – A do-it-yourself guide

Breastfeeding with Confidence – A do-it-yourself guide

This book is described by the publisher as a new edition of Sue Cox’s previous book, Breastfeeding:
I Can Do That, but it is much more than a revision – more of an extensive re-ordering, some rewriting
and the addition of more material, including mother’s breastfeeding stories. It now runs to
almost 200 pages, and has an index.
There is a good section on preparing for the realities of life with a new baby, but the bulk of the
book is really concerned with getting started with breastfeeding in the early few days and weeks.
It covers breastfeeding after a Caesarean, kangaroo care, engorgement, too much milk, sore
nipples and breasts, positioning, medications and more. Only the final 20 pages or so look at
issues after three months – returning to work, a subsequent pregnancy, and a brief look at
As with Breastfeeding: I Can Do That there are no photos, although there are a number of quite
cute line drawings, which I found easy to follow. There are no specific references to LLL or ABA –
just to generic ‘breastfeeding support groups’ and ‘your breastfeeding counsellor’, and the only
mention of LLL is under Contacts, where LLLI is listed. This may well be because this book is aimed
more at an international market rather than the Australasian one.
This book is approved for Group Libraries, as it fills the niche left by Breastfeeding: I Can Do That.
It will appeal especially to health professionals such as lactation consultants, as it will be a good
book to lend to clients during pregnancy and immediately after birth.

Original review, printed in Aroha Volume 8 Number 4

Breastfeeding with Confidence – A do-it-yourself guide
By Sue Cox
Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2004
Reviewed by Rosemary Gordon, LLLNZ


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